I’ve decided to merge days 4 and 5 of our NYC 2012 trip. Day 5 was pretty much just getting up, having our last free continental breakfast at the hotel, going on the Brooklyn Bridge and going to see the 9-11 crash site. Then we quickly raced to JFK to make our flight back home.

So, this will be the last installment of our NYC 2012 series.

Our day 4 original itinerary:

8am- Staten Island train to St. George’s terminal

9am- Staten Island ferry from St. George’s terminal (Staten Island) to Whitehall terminal (Manhattan)

945am- Subway train to the Bronx to meet up with Aji’s friend

11am- Hang-out with Aji’s friend @ the Bronx

We didn’t really make it out of Staten Island til about 10am. Our friend Weng cooked us bacon and rice for breakfast! How can Aji say no? ;-)

These photos below, were taken on the Staten Island ferry, approaching Whitehall terminal in Manhattan. It was a cloudy day, but you can still see Manhattan’s cityscape right behind us.

About 2 hours later, and a long nap on the subway train, we got to meet up with Aji’s friend Paolo. He promised to bring Aji to the biggest Guitar Center in town. Before that, we visited Paolo’s apartment and Aji got to try out his Washburn N4 electric guitar (in the guitar world, that’s one of the really good guitars out there). Paolo also treated us out to the Cheesecake Factory, just before we went to visit Guitar Center. We all had amazing meals, but unfortunately, I forgot to document all of it! ;-( I know, silly me.

Here’s Aji and Paolo in guitar heaven. Aji has had his eye on this baby ever since he got his first Gibson Les Paul guitar. This one’s a Gibson semi-hollow body, ES 335. It apparently has a distinct sound from his Les Paul one.

After spending most of the afternoon in Guitar Center with Paolo, we said our goodbyes and Aji & I trained back to Manhattan.

I brought Aji to Little Italy and we had a huge dinner at Lombardi’s Pizzeria. The pizza is so fresh and the dough is to die for. We ordered the medium size 14″ pizza with meatballs, pepperoni, beef, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese & pecorino romano cheese toppings. You may have seen this pizza on this blog before, and that would be here.

We walked around Little Italy and parts of China town after dinner, and then went to Rice to Riches for dessert, which was across the street from Lombardi’s.

On the photo below, top left, it says: Dieting is optional. On the photo above, bottom right, it says: Eat Right; Exercise; Die Anyway. How true! I guess they would have to live by these sayings because all they sell is pretty much sweetened rice. I understand it’s not for everyone and most people may think that Rice to Riches is just selling overpriced sweetened rice. Truth be told, it’s my kind of food. So don’t diss. To each his own.

I had the hazelnut flavored pudding. Mmmmmmmm. Ate it right before going to bed too! I had sweet dreams! ;-)

Photos below are from our day 5. We figured we still had a bit of time before our boarding time, so we headed out to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Then we went to see the 9-11 crash site. To our surprise, there are 2 towers already being rebuilt. It didn’t look like much of a crash site anymore.

We were homeward bound, racing to JFK airport after the 2 side-trips we did.

Of course, it just wasn’t too stressful for Aji already, that we were almost running late for our flight out of JFK. He just HAD to take a creepy photo with the “tiled eyes” on the background in one of the subway stations. ;-)

But we finally made it to Howard Beach, the last subway station before JFK. Then we took the JFK  air train to get to our boarding terminal. We were Vancouver-bound, where home awaits.

Let me know if you’re planning to visit NYC soon. We can talk about the essentials and what not, for the trip! ;-) You can ask me about the subway system and how you can manage to get around without having to take 1 cab! ;-)

Hope you all enjoyed our 2012 NYC series.

Have a great day! ;-)

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  1. Khay says:

    Love reading ur blogs, Doc :) Keep ‘em coming pls ^_^ Would love to visit NYC one day *sigh* kelan kaya yon? lol

  2. Kat says:

    Eat Right, Exercise, Die Anyway – PRICELESS!

  3. Tracy says:

    Mmmm Lombardi’s! Thanks for sharing your trip!

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