I’ve missed a MANICure Monday post in the month of May! I apologize for not being able to consistently post recently. I will get back to a good rhythm again very soon and I will let you know what’s been keeping me busy aside from the new job.

So let’s talk about this new color that’s been ever so popular this Spring 2012! It’s a salmon pink, almost with an orange tinge, very bright and perfect for a summer prelude!

I used a new brand of nail polish called Sinful Colors. I applied Timbleberry, and topped it with Pinky Glitter top coat, of the same brand.

It dries up pretty fast so I’m very happy with it. It’s a very matte finish though when it dries up, unless you put a top coat to make it shiny and/or glittery (which I did). Some people are a fan of matte polish though, my sister Belle, being one of them. I don’t get it. When the polish becomes dull when it dries, it’s like using markers on your nails.

Anyways, I ended up having nice, shiny, fashionable nails in no time, with this fast-drying new polish discovery. I know it says 1.99$ each on the Walgreens website, but I got mine from London Drugs (yes it is a store here in Canada, and they don’t only sell meds, they even have furniture and small appliances and computers!), 5.99$ buy 1 get 1 free. 

They have very vibrant colors perfect for the upcoming summer months! I hope you find them on sale somewhere near you!

Have a great MANICure Monday! ;-)

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  2. [...] Glitter by Sinful Colors Professional. The same brand as this one from my last Manicure Monday [...]

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